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No suits, no smooth talk, no jargon, no mumbo-jumbo,
Just laughter, fun and hard work.


About US

Welcome to Purple Zebra. Where the unexpected rules. Where ideas feel at home. Where creative energy rules the day. Where laughter, fun and hard work coexist. We like our work, we are proud of the ideas we generate and simply love the designs we create. Our clients love us for the same reasons.


Our Philosophy

Big agency expertise without the big agency lethargy, bureaucracy or mumbo jumbo. That's our singular promise. We don't bog down our clients with dodgy and dowdy presentations of simple ideas. (Big agencies have their ways of complicating simple briefs, don't they?) We like to keep it simple, thank you very much. As you can see, it's a win-win all the way. And we sleep well too. We not only have lifelong loyal clients, we have clients who are proud to be Purple Zebra evangelists! Clients love our work and our approach to work. Seriously, they have no reason to go elsewhere! See, we are such fun people to do business with! But seriously, we take pride in the accountability and transparency we bring to the table. As usual, all our clients are charmed by this approach since it works for them and they also take pride in an agency that partners them all the way to the wire.

Work Culture

Ideas get bashed about, thrashed, churned and let out to dry. Insights and interesting bits are then taken, lovingly polished to a shine (often along with a coffee and neighbourhood crows for company) and what you get is an idea that not only sticks, it bonds. And you get designs that are as breathtaking as they are refreshing. And yes, did we mention, our response and levels of productivity match the best and the biggest in the business. Ask big bullies like Coke or Hanes. With capable vendor partners, we are totally geared for your 'Hey, can you dash out a few tee-shirt cartoons for a conference?', or a logo on the fly or a copy for an emailer on the run. We love emergencies and I think the feeling is mutual. Emergencies love us too. Good thing we have coffee at the office and crows to hang with in and around the area!


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